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Hoping someone can answer this question. How can we delete/reset the sync data for all users in an Organization for Edge (Chromium) ? As far as I can see we can only manually reset it from Edge for each user but how do we do for all users or several users remotely?


The reason for this is, we start to use managed favourites but previously we also deployed favourites which we imported from IE. To avoid confusing user, we want to delete those links from the bookmarks file and it works fine if sync is not on but if it is then it just wont go away.

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to my knowledge there is no functionality to control that from the AD tenant.
We had a similar issue with the sync where MS support advised to stop+reset the sync and logout from the profile. They could not provide a solution to us to do so centrally. We have to wait till each affected user of our very large user base (300k) opens a ticket to our local IT support. There was also no possibility to centrally identify the affected users.

We had the following related issue where MS asked to place a Feature Request to Premier Support or https://support.serviceshub.microsoft.com/supportforbusiness:
In the changelog of Version 88.0.705.50 the following was mentioned for new SSO capabilities:
"Note: A user may have to sign out and then sign back in if they'd signed into Microsoft Edge in a version prior to Microsoft Edge 88 to leverage this feature."
But it is not possible to centrally log out all users nor is it possible to logout a user at all if
NonRemovableProfileEnabled is set to Enabled.

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Hi Joe,

Thank you for sharing the information. That is not good if we need to wait for users to manually stop sync and log out. Exactly the problem is we dont have control over this feature, no way to reset/log out centrally. I am still wondering how will we go about this for users who already synced the old bookmarks we deployed from IE some time ago. I guess maybe I will raise a case with Microsoft also and see what they say.