Edge Sync over VPN

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On some occasions, Edge sync does not work when connected with my VPN provider.  Other browsers don't have the issue, so it's specific to Edge.  Not a big deal.  Just wanted to report it.

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Do you have your browser started before the VPN is started or after?

I wonder if it could be updates through the browser that affects the Sync while connected to a VPN.


Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev seem to be working great with many VPNS, so I'm guessing it might be something small.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention,




VPN is connected 24/7, so it's already up and running when I start Edge.  Doesn't happen all of the time though.  If I closed the VPN and restart Edge it will sync.  


Edge is now my default browser on Windows since the chromium build.  VPN is Windscribe, btw.  



The top solutions for this issue are similar to what you have tried already.


  • "Exit the browser entirely, enable VPN and try reconnecting." (Top recommended solution)
  • Try different VPN server.

There are other solutions like clearing cache, other browser data and refreshing your DNS/IP but not sure this would apply since other browsers work fine and Sync you said.




@V-FRROME I'm having the same problem using NordVPN. I just installed the VPN a few days ago, and it is running fine other than the fact that Edge will not sync when it restarts. The solutions mentioned work fine, and Edge is able to operate normally during these issues...it just stops syncing. I can't even sign out and then back in as Edge tells me that I need to be connected to the internet (which of course I am). The only solution is to disconnect and then reconnect the VPN. Edge will immediately start syncing again. It seems to happen when the PC is put to sleep. I always close Edge before I put it to sleep. Somehow the "connection" is lost when I wake up the PC although it really isn't and I'm still connected with the same IP address. It's just that Edge sync seems to not be able to reconnect.


I love Edge and was one of the early adopters. I was using the DEV four months before it's public release! It's just an annoying issue and I was wondering if this could be fixed. Any idea what could be causing this?