Edge sync handles powerup of rarely used systems poorly


I have Edge installed on five Windows systems, most of which I use regularly. One older laptop I power up only rarely, meaning Edge goes out of date, and Favorites become significantly out of date. 


The problem: after I recently turned on the old system and ran Edge, Edge synced a bunch of old favorites and favorites folders that I had deleted or moved in Edge on my newer machines. I ended up having the spend 5-10 minutes cleaning up incorrectly "revived" favorites on the newer machines. Is this sync fail "expected behavior", and if so, is it fixable? 


Can Edge perhaps keep a local record of any locally made changes changes to the favorites trees, and if certain "apparent changes"  (favorites tree mismatch) were not made on the old machine, don't sync those mismatches back out to the new machines?


It's obviously tricky stuff, but it's pretty annoying to regularly have to weed out a bunch of reappearing favorites folders.

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