Edge://Surf game consumes lot of GPU resources and drains battery

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@Deleted The edge surf game is the best and I play it more often than the chrome's one. But there is still scope for improvement, that it consumes too much GPU resources. When choosing for playing profile, it consumes nearly 45% GPU when nothing is being used, where it shouldn't be using more than 5% GPU.


And when I play it consumes a whopping 60% GPU where it shouldn't be using more than 10% of it. This drains a lot of battery. Kindly address this issue to smoothen the experience while playing.

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@sauravyad500  We're so glad to hear that you're enjoying the game, and thanks for letting us know about the GPU.


I'm tagging in @William Devereux, who worked on the feature, to see if he has any insights to share.


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