Edge support on Server OS?

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First I would like to say, that it's great to see that Edge will also have support on legacy OS like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. But I can't find on the Edge Insider website, if there will be support on Server OS. So I would like to know if you have any plans on supporting Edge on for example Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2016 and Server 2019?

I really hope there will be support on Server OS, because when you have a large Citrix environment, users will also browse on the internet on those servers. And the users don't like to use Internet Explorer for browsing :)


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I don't know if they will give official support for windows server 2008 R2 and up, but because windows server is based on the same windows NT kernel that home versions of windows like windows 7 (windows server 2008 R2) or windows 8.1 (windows server 2012 R2) or windows 10 (windows server 2016 and windows server 2019), it should work the same with minimal to no problems. That's all just an assumption for right now, only time will tell how well server OS is supported.


Yes exactly. You are completely right. Time will tell.

Thanks for the answer.

As of this morning, I get this on Server 2016:


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Thank you@conalw and @blomsterharry.  We are working on bring Microsoft Edge to as many platforms as we can.  We just released for macOS this week.  It would help us understand the priority of various platforms if you could give us an idea of what scenarios we would unblock for you by bringing the browser to the various versions of Server.  Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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That's great to hear!

Today we are using Google Chrome in our Citrix environment. But we would very much like to use Microsoft Edge instead, because we have a support agreement with Microsoft already, if we are experiencing any issues with Microsoft services. Then we could delete Google Chrome in our environment, if Microsoft Edge will be supported on Server OS. In our Citrix environment we are still using Server 2008 R2, but we are getting ready to get on Server 2016 instead (hopefully Server 2019 if Citrix will support it soon). So I would like to see Microsoft Edge on those Server OS.


Thanks for the answer.

@Elliot Kirk I work from home using a Surface Book running Win10 to RDP to a headless machine in a server farm (in MS building 88) that runs Server 2016. I can't use the new MS Edge because [a] sync'ing of bookmarks doesn't work with O365 business accounts, and [b] it no longer works at all on Server 2016. I've been dealing with [a] by ensuring that I only make changes to my bookmarks bar on one machine, then periodically manually export+import to other machine. However, Google Chrome does this correctly on all platforms so I've switched back to it for the time being.

@Elliot Kirk  We are rolling out our new Citrix environment and we are limping along with IE. So many sites don't work correctly with IE. 

We are very interested in using the new Edge on our 2016 servers. it would cover all of our needs as we were going to Chrome unless we can get some encouragement from you you guys.


Attached is what we get for all web sites. in the screenshot the try for Google has been spinning for about 20 minutes. :(


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@edward2-_1880 , my testing shows that it doesn't work on server 2019 using the win 10 build. 

Mostly for terminal servers. Right now we hide IE and load chrome. I was hoping for a New Edge for terminal servers and for that full desktop server that needs a modern browser for application maintenance. On Server OS it's like that old google commercial, enable IE to download chrome because the only other option is IE which is no longer a viable browser but a compatibility solution. IMHO getting a modern browser on ServerOS should be higher that edge on the MacOS. I know I would use Edge on the Mac but I would probably be the minority. Most Mac users will use Safari or Chrome and will not switch to Edge.

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I completely agree with your take Rob. IE is less relevant everyday and would love to use Edge in our Citrix environment. 

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Now that the beta has been released, I took the Enterprise .msi version and installed it on my Windows Server 2019 machine. It installed with no problems, but upon running it complains about Administrative mode. While annoying, after pressing X it runs smoothly.



Just a little bit more effort from Microsoft and we might get a decent Microsoft browser on Windows Server finally, that could replace IE. One thing I'm afraid is, if Microsoft eventually makes it a Microsoft Store app only, it's dead -- as Microsoft Store is not supported on Server.

The problem Will be solved in Edge Insider Canary in October 2019.
you can read more about it in this blog post:

IMO it won't become a store app ever. because it doesn't need store to update, for example you can see recently in Windows insider that notepad has became a store app for better and and faster updates but the new Edge has a built in update procedure that takes care of itself. also because it is a universal multi platform program.

We need Edge on Win Server too! We'd love to kick IE and replace it with Edge instead of Chrome or Firefox. 
Also reported here:

Most likely it will be included in the Windows Server 2022, which is currently in Insider vNext phase.

@MantvydasTried it on Server 2016 and it still doesn't work. But at least we have progress with it working on Server 2019.  

You got it work on Server 2019? It loads fine but fails to bring up any web page for me and when I try to uninstall it fails to uninstall so right now all my users on that RDS server see Edge Dev but if they launch it hangs.

@Rob Seiwert 

We installed Ent Dev V. 78 on a Win 2019 Server with Citrix. Installation worked with no errors, but Edge does only work if we access the server with VMWare console (with "administrator mode detected" message mentioned above). With RDS or Citrix Session the browser starts with a white screen, it starts hundreds of tabs and CPU runs up to 100%. This behaviour is user independant (faulty as admin and as user).

It sounds as if you have administrator rights, Chromium Edge works, if you don't it doesn't. Can you confirm?

@Mantvydas , running the enterprise install beta channel v I experienced the crashing when running in Citrix Workspace with Citrix virtual apps 1906 with both standard and admin users.  When I login on the physical machine's console Chromium Edge works fine. Doesn't seem to work in terminal server mode.  When running in terminal server mode all I see is a white screen and in task manager I see Edge launching session after session and then those sessions "suspending". Curious what other multi-user windows issues there will be.