Edge still dropping frames forcing video playback to drop to 480p why not fix?

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So 3-4 months ago, Edge updated and ever since then, all Youtube videos and yes only youtube videos, drop down to 480p when watching them, sometimes dropping down to 360p.


This doesn't happen on FireFox, nor does it happen on Brave either.


It does happen on Chrome, so it appears to be something between Chrome and Edge doing this.


I have two monitors hooked up here, one is hooked up to the iGPU to my Intel I7-7700k and the other monitor is a GTX 1080ti, with a 4K DPI aware monitor.


The 1080p monitor, will show no dropped frames and it will also continue to playback at 1080p, from start to finish, that cold be a few mins that could be 6 hours, it stays at 1080p.


My 4K DPI aware monitor, all videos will start at 720p, then drop to 480p, I can force it to 4k or 1080p, but the moment I switch it back to auto, within seconds it is dropping back down to 480p.


So the question is why has this only just started to happen, why is FireFox and Brave not affected by this?


And more importantly, why is Microsoft ignoring this issue, its been 3-4 months now.






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And to be clear, this is 60 frame videos, other videos with either 50 or 25 have no issue.

Can anyone else confirm if this applies to them as well, in the Bleeding Edge version of Edge (yeah no pun meant), if it is the only tab open I seem to be able to player 4K@60 or for that matter, any video with 60fps.


The moment there is a second tab or more, Edge will not play 60fps videos and it keeps dropping the quality till it hits 480, or even 360.


I am guessing this a Chromium issue, as Chrome itself has the same exact issue. I tried this on a number of computers with varying internet speeds now, and have confirmed that for me, only one tab will work when viewing videos with 60fps.

Try this
This fixed my issue
->edge://flags/ ->choose ANGLE graphics backend ->OpenGL or D3D11