Edge Stable Channel Release Schedule?

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Google has a schedule and Chrome updated to release 80 yesterday. https://chromiumdash.appspot.com/schedule


Is Microsoft going to publish a page like this, it makes it difficult to plan on releases and expect changes. I expected yesterday for Stable channel to hit release 80 yesterday like Chrome did, but as of this writing only DEV channel seems to have got an update and nothing for Stable Channel. 


Keeping in mind, enterprises have a change management process and need to know this information publicly.

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That Chrome calendar is not accurate though, it doesn't say for example when Canary 82 starts, nor does it say when it stops, it only says when it feature freezes.

for Microsoft Edge, I hope they release version 80 out of schedule, soon, at least only this time, and moving forward stick to their normal release schedule (every 6 weeks)

@javachattz Thanks for reaching out. While we don't yet have a publicly available release calendar, you can count on MS Edge to update on a roughly six-week cadence. (For Dev, it's about every week, and for Canary, we try to push it almost every weekday.) 


I just opened the browser in Stable checked edge://version/; it looks like it has updated to 80 since I last checked two days ago. So, adding 6 weeks to that... I'd say it would be reasonable to anticipate another release close to mid-March. However, I will let our devs know that having this schedule readily available is important for you/your org.


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