Edge Smartscreen new feature

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As many people know, FakeNews and other very harmful thing like that are totally messing our democracy, i think it would be awesome to add to Smartscreen a database of these website (flat heart and so on) who will be blocked with a new facultative settings under smartscreen like (block potential fake news website) with a news box on reporting unsecure website (i think this website tell lie or not correct information), a partnership with news guard (to have acces to their database and provide our report (anonymised) to them for further analysis.

Microsoft can be the first to really fight again these massive fake news an complotist theory.

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Yeah, that's good idea to remove it, someone else's opinion about news doesn't matter at all
I think they pay the store to spotlight their extensions and as long as they're not violating any terms they can do so
All I can do on my side is to give it a 1 star and hope everyone is educated and aware enough not to get brainwashed by such extensions.
Yup, I barely use it and it really messes the serach results since all I see is these weird bages that have a color. Really annoying.
Yeah it is annoying, and also humiliating when a company tries to inflict their own biased agenda on people.