Edge Sidebar(Favorite feature since Collections) - Suggestions

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Change the tools button icon to soething different. The toolbag icon makes it look like work profile icon.

Add Collections, Favorites, Downloads, History, Rewards, Passwords, Share & Print to the sidebar. (Some of them already are available to pin. Just provide a shortcut to access the pinned view inside the sidebar. ) Currently there is a lot of empty space in the sidebar. The baove options would allow me to declutter the buttons pinned near the address bar.


For some unknown reasons, the Discover button on the sidebar doesn't work.


Settings & More Button:

Rather than the arrow displaying a pop-up for hidden settings - implement what Firefox does to navigate into hidden menu's -> Displays the hidden settings on top of the current settings and provide a back button to go back to the prev settings/page. Integrating that into the sidebar would be a nice addition.



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