Edge Sidebar detach to Windows / re-attach to Edge (missing from 116)

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I was enjoying and becoming dependent on detaching the Sidebar but it has disappeared from Dev.  Is Sidebar detach dependent on any flags (Did I do something?), or has it been recalled?

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I have the exact same issue (and growing dependency Charles :) ). LMK if you find the solution to be able to detach it again.

Just to make sure, open edge://metrics-internals and go to "Variations" tab, find "standalone" in the page. (never mind a warning when leaving this page, btw)
You may or may not be able to find the element such as below.


        "ShorelineEdgeBarPrototype": {
            "enableFeatures": [


If you have it and no detachable sidebar, something wrong on your edge.
If you don't have it, your edge is configured as such. Edge is receiving the configuration whenever launched. This configuration is being changed at any time. You can wait it until be changed as you expected... No one can say it will come, though.
You can apply those features via command-line temporarily but it's too long. A batch file may be required then. Even if it is not practical.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\msedge.exe" --enable-features=msShorelineStandaloneSidebar,msEdgebarHoverToLaunch,msEdgeSidePaneUnpinInEdgeBar,msEdgeSidePaneResizeInEdgeBar,msShorelineSearchSidebarPinning,msUndersideSidebarPinning,msUndersideResizable,msEdgeShoppingShorelineHeader,msShorelineHeaderMenuDisableNotifications,msEdgeShoppingInEdgeBar,msShorelineStandaloneSidebarPrefsFlyoutMenu



mine just disappeared today. any updates on how to resolve?
The current state of Edge Dev is that in page edge://metrics-internals/ the word "Standalone" is not found (nor "standalone")

I can see "ShorelineSkype" entries, and OneNoteShoreline, but no "shorelineEdge". No "edgebar" either.

I shut down all instances of Edge Dev > right-click the *.bat file > Run as Admin > UAC prompt > see that it opens and closes the Run window > Edge Dev starts. Then I go back into metrics-internals Variations tab > still find no ShorelineEdgeBarPrototype or ShorelineEdge.

When Dev launches a "New Window" the EdgeBar is NOT visible until clicking the BingChat/Discover icon, which is normal behavior. .... but it is not detachable.

What is not normal, right now, is the behavior in the Workspaces. This is a new issue. Right now, the Edge Sidebar is stuck, always visible, no matter what, always. Before, it was missing, now, it won't go away. (?) I will try to rebuild the workspace by moving my pages to a new workspace.