Edge should respect user choices

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Connected To Windows


There is this main issue I have had with Edge for the past three years, which has not been fixed, yet. I love the way I can create profiles, which helps me tremendously in my work, but that issue with the "Connected to Windows" accounts is just tiresome. I don't want to use the account that is connected to Windows (I have a different profile for that!) and Edge should stop asking about it.


Sync To Microsoft Account


Recently, Edge started to display a little red notification dot on the profile icon, which is very distracting. The reason it does that, is because it persuades me with vigor to sync my Edge profile to a Microsoft account.


This is a secondary profile and I do not have a particular Microsoft account to sync that to. Nevertheless, it keeps nudging and even proposes to use one of my various disposable test accounts, which makes no sense:


It never stops and the notification dot re-appears every time I close and re-open the browser.


Bing Search


Today, all of a sudden, the search bar on my new tab page uses Bing search.


I double checked all settings, and I explicitly have set Google as my search provider.



Yet again, Microsoft refuses to accept and respect my choices and imposes Bing search on me, when I use that search bar.

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