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Just wonder...

I have three computers where all of them have same version of windows and same version of edge but all of them (edge) have different features available. One can have history button on the top bar, the other can have new download manager, the third one have none of those features but can generate QR codes what others can't 🤨. Why is it made so stupidly?

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Are the 3 installed versions the Edge Stable?

or are they from the Insider channel (Beta, Dev or Canary)?


If they are from the Insider channel, then this is part of a type of test called "A/B test", in which part of the "participants" receives a resource while another part does not. By "participants" I mean that it can be different computers from the same user. Or even if you have a version installed, uninstall it, and when reinstalling it again, you leave group "A" and go to group "B", no longer having certain features and obtaining others. In fact, developers work with more than just 2 groups. This is for them to get better feedback on how resources work.

However, nonetheless, notwithstanding, though, if the 3 installed versions are the final version (Edge Stable) this should probably not be happening.

all those are stable ones. Version 90.0.818.42 (Official build) (64-bit)
as I understand this controlled feature rollout is in Dev and Canary Channel but not in stable edge, right?
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it is in stable channel too, in the form of staged/gradual rollout.
the ultimate goal for all of these is to make sure if there is a bug, it won't affect everyone in the world at the same time, when introducing a new feature.
is it some how possible to force those features to my browser (stable version)?