Edge's "Set Tabs Aside" is Edge's Signature.

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One of the most important features of the current Edge is the "Set Tabs Aside" feature. But the new Edge Insider doesn't reflect this, and is only following Google Chrome. I'd like to see more of the Edge's features come back.

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@HiSky   It looks like Set Aside tabs is being replaced with Collections.  I've been experimenting with Collections -- which allows users to collect, organize, share and export content -- and I'm coming to believe that Collections works more efficiently than Set Aside tabs does. 


I particularly like the fact that Collections  captures sources and creates citations automatically, which saves a lot of time for certain kinds of work.


A few things are still missing (I'm on Dev Version, such as the ability to re-open all tabs in a collection, but my understanding is that the missing features are under development and will be rolled out eventually.


In any event, take a look at Collections and see if it alleviates some of your concerns.

I would love to have Set Tabs Aside feature in this new Edge too. it's a super quick and handy way to manage open tabs without saving them permanently anywhere,

it's been having "under review" status for 2 weeks in a row now

September 10th:

September 4th:

Hope developers see that many people want this feature and decide to implement it in the browser.


@HiSky yeah, this is one of my favourite features on Edge, it's amazing how you can click literally one single button to close or reopen a session.



Collections is no where near Set Tabs Aside feature. It does not save and restore the session information (like navigation history of a tab).