Edge's New Tab Page let's me select a wallpaper! (doesn't work right)

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Yesterday I formatted my pc and reinstalled Edge Dev. Today I noticed that the wallpaper hadn't change from the default one to one of Windows Spotlight. Checking in the New Tab settings, I noticed that it now let's me select a wallpaper from my PC. The problem is that after selecting one and opening a new tab, it defaults back to Edge default wallpaper. Anyone else happening this? Cheers!


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yes it was happening on Canary too since Monday but fixed now.

will probably get fixed in the next Dev update.
Thanks @HotCakeX Didn't know it was happening on Canary.


You're welcome, for me every time i launched Edge i had to click on the gear in NTP and change one of the settings like a toggle button and that would bring back the custom background.

you can also send this problem using feedback button on Edge so the devs will get more data :)