Edge's built-in translation breaks typography

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For web pages with code in the body,


using Edge's built-in translation will cause all the code to be moved to the end of the paragraph,


which cannot be restored even after clicking "Show original".


Google Chrome does not have this problem.



I have reported this issue several times via Edge "Send feedback" but have not received any response.


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Yeah, this definitely seems like a bug. Let me ask our translation team about it.
Is there any progress on this issue?
This was the last obstacle to my migration to edge, and the resolution of this issue is a very good user experience enhancement for developers reading foreign language development documentation.
This problem is still not fixed, at least on the latest android version of edge the problem persists. I like that edge has many innovative functions based on chrome, but this bug makes me have to keep chrome, because I often read the documents written by developers, and this bug will often hinder me. Hope that can be resolved. Thanks!
+1, hard to belive such an obvious bug has not been fixed for so long
Same problem, and still not fixed in 2023.09.12. I think it's a serious bug preventing a large number of developers from using Edge. Has any progress to this problem?
I have the same problem. Still not fixed in Oct 17, 2023
I have the same problem. Still not fixed in Dec 6, 2023
I have the same problem. Still not fixed in Dec 7, edge version 119.0.2151.97(x64)
It is really frustrating that this issue still exists today, making me have to switch to Chrome
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I have the same problem. Still not fixed in Jan 9, 2024
I also have the same problem. Please fix it as soon as possible.