Edge rendering images very blurry

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Edge (dev) renders a lot (not all) pictures very blurry. Sometimes after loading a page I see the correctly rendered picture for a moment and then it changes to a far inferior version.

I do not see this behavior in current Firefox and Chromium builds and it seems stable Edge doesn't do this either.

I've attached a screenshot on my PC to illustrate the problem. On the right is Edge dev and the same image is very low detail compared to chromimium on the left.

Stable Edge is a lot better but still not as crisp as chromium or Firefox.


Screenshot 2022-04-06 120115.png


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Have the same problem with canary x64(102.0.1216.0) Seems it only happen on resized .webp file(thumbnails), and as an workaround disable `Enhance images in Microsoft Edge` in edge://settings/privacy works for me Test pic https://i0.hdslb.com/bfs/archive/3dd688b9a9b4ba5f12fd07bbd1b48b23d02549a6.jpg@203w_127h_1e_1c.webp
We're aware of the issue and are looking into it. Thanks for reporting!