Edge quick launch page background not working correctly

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I have used the 'View of Space' background ever since I started to use Edge.

Today, as usual, the background was functioning as expected, until the computer went into sleep mode and I resumed.  At that point, I got some 'Turtle' scene, I had not changed anything.  OK, went to the options->Edit Background and would you lo and behold it, the 'View of Space' was indeed selected and supposedly active! Closed the option dialog and back to the Turtle again.  Went back and forth between options and normal mode several more times and decided that it stank of MS interreference again so decided to come here and **bleep** about it. 


OK, all seems back to normal, all during the time it took to write this.  I am still going to post it - because it happened!

Opened this site and started a new post, needed to check the name of the background I wanted to show properly and again, would you lo and behold it, the proper View of Space background was running!

OK, for some odd ball reason, MS have introduced some sort of preview mode for backgrounds maybe, or, just screwed Edge up again.

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So, posted but the text has been screwed up (probably because MS wanted to replace my 'b_i_t_c_h' comment with their chosen '**bleep**'). Anyway I wanted to edit the post the sort out the spurious text that had bee posted.  Will try and show an image of what I was faced with - that is, if it actually works in posting with an image. Vey difficult to see but the mouse pointer needs to be moved over to the Edit option on the menu - bit, when the pointer leaves the three dots, the menu closes - wonderful, an edit option I can never access! It matters not what I do with regard to zoom in/out etc, the menu is ALWAYS beyond reach!  Typical of MS recently!