Edge Profiles and multiple Work Accounts


I would like to have multiple Edge Profiles with different Work Accounts to be able to automatically sign into different O365 tenants. Is it possible? I tried but it worked only for 1x personal account and 1 x work account. When I have cretated 2nd work account it always automatically signed me in into 1st work account (1st company tenant).  

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It would be helpful if the profiles have their own "session" or to let us disable the SSO functionality for multiple profiles

Adding a like on this feature. I have 2 work accounts (the one linked to my company and another one from a customer). I created 2 separate Edge profile, each one is connected to a distinct work account. But when I try to open a Microsoft app (Teams), in both profile it proposes me the 2 work accounts in the "Pick an account" logon screen. I can't remove account 1 in profile 2 ; Can't remove account 2 in profile 1. Very disturbing.