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I repeat myself here, keeping in mind one of my posts - Two way feedback, does it exist? 


I've scanned MS feedback pages today. All the tables of the Holy Trinity of Edge development *) lack many trifles about polishing Edge corners.


I mean those issues which are very logical, sound and justified, and which beg for being done from users points of view.  You may have other views, other priorities, other bigger aims, but tell us why you don't want to finish/polish or amend such trifles. Or, what would be much better, which issues where kicked up to your inner Urgent Agenda?


I might have been blind guy not seeing that about 90% of all our efforts are not being channeled into something useful for you and for us, users. Me (I mean we) would like to know what polishing tips of ours were the chosen ones gaining a chance to have been implemented in the conceivable future - I hate to read such bad boding news from the Top Feedback Summary for X like this one for example:


Provide an option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website
106 weeks !

Two years! Mercy!


Why our homework are dissolving in nooks and crannies of your long department corridors of Edge development decision makers yet?


I'd be more than happy seeing new development page called Polishing Roadmap, similar to the famous Feature Roadmap.


A Holy Quartet instead of Holy Trinity of Edge development? Why not!? :)


Thank you.

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