Edge PDF viewer support for fast web view PDF / byte serving PDF

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I would like to ask if Edge's PDF viewer supports fast web view PDF, which means it can load and display parts of the PDF before it is fully downloaded?


Based on my initial testing, even if "Accept-Range: bytes"  response header is sent by my server, Edge doesn't send multiple requests with "Range" request header unlike IE 11.


Can anyone from Microsoft confirm?



Edge specifications:

Microsoft Edge 44.18362.387.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362

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Hi, it looks like you're still on the legacy Edge,
have you tried the new Edge yet?
if not i suggest you to try the Canary channel, it's the most feature rich version.


I just tried the new Edge (based on Chromium, version 79.0.309.65 (Official build) beta (64-bit))
and the behavior is the same (doesn't seem to support it).

One thing to note is that the pdf viewer looks the same as the one in the old edge and not like the one in Chrome, so I'm guessing if the same pdf viewer, which doesn't seem to support this, was retained.

Anyone that can officially confirm?


I can confirm the loading style is the same in Canary too, there hasn't been any changes made to it yet
Version 81.0.407.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


by the way you must be using an older version of Beta.
because Beta channel is version 80 now.