Edge PDF viewer interprets links by itself while ignoring embedded link

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Expected behaviour: Edge viewer uses the link information embedded in the pdf

Seen behaviour: Edge viewer interprets the link based on the text itself and overrules the link information.


We use LaTeX to generate documents, which also contain links. In the following example we simply use the url statement.


Sometimes the links are so long they cover multiple lines and thus the link text is hyphenated. What the PDF viewer does is it ignores the link information from the PDF, but generates it's own link based on the text. As long as the mouse hovers over the link it'll wrongly add a hyphen (as shown in the image), the moment the mouse is moved just outside of the link, the PDF viewer does use the proper link without the hyphen. 



In a stand-alone pdf-reader this doesn't happen, in other browsers at least when you hover over the link text it uses the correct link.

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We have the same problem, any help or clarification for this issue?