Edge pdf opens multiple tabs

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When i try and open a pdf with edge it opens multiple tabs.

it looks like it opens a tab every time a spacebar should have been there so for example one of my pdf locations is:



but in the browser it opens as:

Screenshot 2020-10-10 115833.png


Does anyone know why it does this and how I can fix it?


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Why is the location C:/users/onedrive ?
is "onedrive" name of your user? normally it is "C:\users\USERNAME\OneDrive"

I also have PDF files on my OneDrive, I can open them in Edge without problem.

as an example, this is one of their locations:



I know where your problem stems from though.


you mentioned:



which is incomplete but I see forward slash in your PDF file name that shouldn't be possible in Windows. forward slash ("/") or back slash ("\") means different directory.




so i think you're either doing something wrong or you need to reword your post.

I have the same issue. I also think the issue ir regarding the back (or forward) slash. The thing is it was working perfectly fine until yesterday


@juanpatelleria wrote:
I have the same issue. I also think the issue ir regarding the back (or forward) slash. The thing is it was working perfectly fine until yesterday

what is your PDF file's name exactly?

you do you even put forward or backward slashes in your file names? Windows doesn't allow it.


I had a few users report issues and opted to 

-change the default pdf app to chrome

-restart the computer

-change the default app back to edge


This stopped the multiple tab thing from happening on two devices.

Both computers had a high uptime.

@Techeac Can confirm this solved the issue for me! 

@faqqeu  and @HotCakeX  I have that issue too.



what issue? nobody even answered when i asked how you even put forward or backward slashes in file names.


The thing was that all of the sudden it didn't work anymore without me changing anything.

When I restarted my pc a day later it worked again so I still have no clue why it even happened.

So at the moment it seems to work again without changing anything.

Well that's good but the OP had problem with file name. your PDF not working (which i don't know what it exactly means) could have had a different reason

@HotCakeX Did you ask ""what issue?" The title says it!


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What ?

Sorry I went exercising. Did you just ask what? Here it is: Edge PDF opens multiple tabs.


It wasn't really about the file name but edge opening multiple tabs for the pdf.

This could be because something about the name was off but I doubt it because after a reset it fixed it self with the file and location unchanged.

But also I just now created a Word doc and exported it as a pdf and the issue is still not gone.


What is the file location and what tabs are opened?
Maybe we can figure out more if we look at that.

The file location? Here is a screenshot below.





If you right click the file you can copy the file location.

From there we can maybe see if a certain character makes it so this happens


@faqqeu  The bug happens when either the folder or the file name contains a space. Another workaround is to replace spaces in folders/file names for a "-* until its fixed.

It worked for me. Thanks!!