Edge opens the PDF file. When the page is turned, the font is blurred.

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Edge version of my computer: 100.0.1185.36 (official version) (64 bit).


It's always good to open PDF files before. But recently, when I opened the PDF file, the font on the top was blurred when I turned up, and the font on the bottom was blurred when I turned down. I looked at it. Generally, bold words will paste.




Is there a way to solve this problem?

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Does it eventually unblur, like it's only blurry while scrolling, or does it stay that way?


Thank you for your reply.

The page is normal without scrolling.

Okay, it sounds like this is a known issue then. We're currently working on re-writing our PDF viewer, and part of that work is that we're taking pictures of each page and showing them while you're scrolling so that you don't see the blank parts of the PDF loading. However, those pictures can sometimes be blurry or low resolution, causing the behavior you describe. What kind of device are you using, and what's the display scaling used by it?
Processor: Intel (R) core (TM) i7-8565u CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99ghz
Type: 64 bit operating system, x64 based processor

Version: Windows 10 home Chinese
Display zoom and layout: 125%
Display resolution: 1920 * 1080
Display direction: Landscape

Microsoft Edge
Version: 100.0.1185.44 (official version) (64 bit)
Zoom: 88%

@qiulp Until there is a fix for that issue, a quick workaround you can use is to toggle the Page view to "Two page" and again to "Single page".

it's still blurry after that

@mnmnmn  turn off hardware acceleration.
[ settings>>System and performance>>Hardware Acceleration ]