Edge Open Link As Different Profile

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I am using Edge Version 125.0.2535.92 with Windows 10


I've got two work profiles setup, both connected to Azure.


Profile A

Profile B


When viewing a website in Profile A, I would like the option to right click on a link and > Open as Profile B.


I'm pretty sure I seen this option in Edge previously, but it has disappeared. I'm not sure if I need to enable a setting?


The feature is described here https://www.timschaeps.be/post/open-link-microsoft-edge-profiles/

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@jonboylib I'm on the latest edge on mac and I do see that option in the right click menu. 

Version 126.0.2592.61 (Official build) (arm64)
Not sure if that makes you feel better or worse, but it exists on mac. id be surprised if its not on windows.