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sorry to bother, but I cant find answer to this.

We have network of domain joined computers with Windows 10 Pro. Updates are managed by WSUS server and I dont know how to deploy new Edge.

I can see updates for Edge on WSUS, but its for business version - that should be supported only for Windows Enterprise and EDU. On the other hand I dont see KB updates that should install new Edge on  Windows 10 Pro on WSUS, some computers can detect them when I search from windows update from Microsoft servers.

When will these updates arrive for Pro version on WSUS? Or is the some other options to deploy networkwide for Pro versions?


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@KGpokorny you may manually download installer file for Microsoft Edge and deploy it (for example using software installation policy):


You may try deploying the one which is available in WSUS and it should work . However for test deploy it for some devices and if it works as expected deploy for more devices.


Hi, I would like to, but can I use business version?

Business version is available for Enterprise and EDU (Microsoft Edge business supported Operating Systems) and KBs (KB4541302, KB4559309) for the rest are not available on WSUS.


@KGpokorny There is no "business" version of Edge. There are however 2 installer versions which of one is better suited to business since there are installer tools available.

Edge is available as a ClickToRun (also called C2R) installer from https://www.microsoft.com/edge and as a Windows Installer (MSI) from the business site above.

But the actual product is not different.


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Hi, thank you.

I wasn't sure about that, because Windows Pro versions are not mentioned on business site and I don't want to run into some licensing issues, that we used wrong distribution channel for our Windows version since Edge upgrade is one way process.


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@KGpokorny it might seems to be confusing but you may deploy Microsoft Edge on all supported editions of Windows and you don't have to be worry about licensing.

It called Microsoft Edge for Business, because for users who are using personal devices we recommend use Windows Update or direct installer but for business we have concept of deployment and the only different is options you have to do deployment otherwise in term of version and functionality they are the same.

You won't run into any licensing issue.

Hi, thank you for clarification.

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Glad it was helpful