Edge on Linux "Coming Soon"

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Neowin reports today ("Microsoft's Edge browser is officially coming to Linux soon", Rich Woods Nov 4, 2019 18:34 EST) that Microsoft is developing Edge Chromium for Linux:


"Microsoft has teased Edge coming to Linux a couple of times since then, and today, it's finally official. During its State of the Browser session at its Ignite 2019 conference in Orlando, the Redmond firm finally said that there's a version of Edge coming to Linux. As for the timeline, it's the most familiar for those that follow Microsoft: it's coming soon."


That's very good news for those of us who use both Linux and Windows operating systems. 


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That's nice

@HotCakeX "That's nice."


Dismissive, but accurate. 


For a people who use both Linux and Windows, having a Windows/Linux cross-platform browser is important, just as important as having a Windows/Android/Apple cross-platform browser is important to smartphone users and those who use both Apple and Windows computers.


At this point we have scant detail and there are many unanswered questions (e.g. Will Microsoft follow Google's lead and develop only .deb (Debian/Ubuntu) and .rpm (Fedora/openSUSE) versions, or will Microsoft offer other versions as well?). 


The answers will be important going forward because Edge Chromium, like Google Chrome, is semi-proprietary, and licensing may be an issue.  It is not as if anyone can just grab the code and run with it, as is the case under typical FOSS licensing.  So the answers to those questions will determine the conditions under which distros can offer Edge Chromium as third-party software.


But, even with those caveats, it is a very positive development.  Forum members with a foot in both the Windows and Linux worlds have been asking for a Linux port since the beginning of this Forum (e.g. Edge on Linux, 2019-04-08), and for the first time, Microsoft has now acknowledged that it is moving forward to provide it.

Dismissive? what are you talking about?
Being nice is not dismissive
Unfortunately , Microsoft has deleted it's own UserVoice Account dedicated to Microsoft Edge , this is ironically my most accurate way to give feedback to Microsoft Edge being a Linux User .

Any Microsoft Edge Developer , if you are reading this let me brief you in .

As you are already aware Linux Distros slightly vary from one another , you will reach out to most Distros just by making DEB and RPM Packages and hosting them on the edge Website , it is not recommended to try and get on the repository of any Distro specifically . All Repository Maintainers will get your product up for you , Repositories are notoriously difficult to publish for directly .

All things considered , you will have to forget about automatic updates . This is still not a big deal , like I said Repo Maintainers will keep up to date for you , you can also keep Repo Maintainers on a Mailing List and keep them informed of major updates , ensuring every respectable Distro stays up to date .

And yes , there is the case of very good Distro Bases that don't recognize packages and of course BSD , which should not be left out , Microsoft Edge can accommodate both of these niches by additionally maintaining a BSD compatible Tarball alongside the DEB and RPM Packages .

Remember to make reclusive DEBs , RPMs and BSD Tarballs , you don't have to accommodate any particular Linux or BSD Distro , just use the Reclusive Package , Mailing List and Website Model .

Making reclusive DEBs , RPMs and BSD Tarballs are quite simple , please contact me further so I can give detailed instructions on how to make them .

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