Edge on Android - Usability Questions...

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I have moved away from Chrome, to Edge on my Win10 and my Chromebook (running in Linux). My Android phone and tablet have Samsung Browser installed, and while I really like that browser, I'd prefer to be using the same browser across all my devices. I've got some questions about basic usability in Edge, if I may...


- Is there no one-touch access to the Home page? I get that I can move to Home with a couple of taps, but Home is usually "right there" in every browser I've used. Why would that be buried down one level? Am I missing something?


- I have my Homepage set to "A Specific Page", which is www.google.com, but my home page remains Microsoft. There's got to be something I am overlooking here!


- Is there no way to rename the quick links that Edge puts on the Microsoft home page? Really??


- When I click the "more" icon and the two sets of links display (Favorites, History, Collections, Downloads, Settings) is there no way to configure those links? Maybe change the order to maybe bring an icon (like Home for instance!) up from the lower set to that top row?


- Are extensions not supported? I have content blockers turned on, but the only one I can see is Adblock Plus, not my favorite blocker. Any insights on this?


Thanks for your help!

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