Edge not remembering/restoring last used session of tabs

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Just wanted to let you all know of a reoccurring issue which has caused me to stop using Edge completely and move back to Chrome. 


Upon random shutdowns/reboots and 100% of the time when updates are applied to the PC - Edge is not remembering the last session of tabs and instead starts opening all of the recently closed tabs when using shift+T.


This is too much of a deal breaker for me and just wanted to let you know of the bug.

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@GJMoran, You can send feedback (Alt+Shift+I) and be sure to know what to do when this happens--if this bug happens again, you might want to press Ctrl+H and find the tabs that you were using.
make sure you are using latest Windows 10 version (currently 20H2) and then go to Windows settings => update & security => advanced options => uncheck the option "restart this device as soon as......."

so you won't have any random reboots after updates. in update settings you can also set your active hours so Windows update won't do anything during that time or enable the option so that Windows will automatically detect your active hours and delay everything during that time.

recently closed tabs also includes last session of tabs.

CTRL + Shift + T reopens closed tabs or closed window, depending on which one you closed last time.

after a reboot or shut down, a window is probably being closed so pressing that shortcut should open your previously closed window (containing tabs) for you.

if this is not what you are experiencing, you can submit a feedback through feedback button on Edge as mentioned by others.

This problem is not new and it happens for years on my PC with Windows 10 or 11. My updates are automatic, I always have the last. It often happens when I reboot my system but it can also happens when I just close then reopen M. Edge. I have found no solution for now and Microsoft doesn't seem to be interested. I think the MEdge process does not copy properly all the tabs for some reasons (due to another process?!). Sometimes it reopens the tabs properly, sometimes it forgets them, really annoying problem. I have not searched further too; I use collections as workaround to keep my usual tabs or you can use another navigator (I am no more fan of Chrome since a moment)  @GJMoran 

Same here edge not restoring previous session, what a pain in the arse  @GJMoran 

was okay in widows 10 now its shit
Same. Windows 10 is current, Edge is current. Just started 2 or 3 weeks ago.
Emails not opening correctly in edge but in other browsers okay and in mail also okay just incorrect in the edge browser when opening gmail .



Try adding broken sites as exceptions to blocking. Like this:



After the last update (typing this on April 14 2022) I think it happened last week, Edge Beta and Stable started doing the same again. Not saving the last opened tabs. Deal breaker for me. Hope it gets fixed soon.

When exiting Edge, use the Menu dropdown to exit instead of hitting the "X" in the top right corner.

Edge needs to adapt to me. No me to Edge. It used to be this way. Something changed and it's not good at all.


FYI, the problem had just gone after an upgrade to 11 I think. I am not sure which one.
OS ver. 10.0.22000 N/A Build 22000
Edge ver. 100.0.1185.39 (Official build) (64-bit)

@Miguel Caldeira 



P.S. It seems that it got fixed now.

Why isn't Edge remembering my tabs anymore? Do I have to switch back to Chrome? #dislike

Mac OS 12.2.1; Edge 101.0.1210.53 (Official build) (arm64)



It's solved on my side... Windows.