Edge not receiving notifications when closed

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This has been going on for months, it actually never worked and despite many posts from other users, it wasn't put on the feedback list to be fixed. I tried sending several feedbacks through browser as well in the last months.

I hope someone manually give this a higher priority.


here is the Chrome article about this:


"Push messaging lets developers engage users by providing timely and customized content outside the context of the web page. It is one of the most critical APIs to come to the web, giving users the ability to engage with web experiences even when the browser is closed, without the need for a native app install."


Currently Edge canary is Version 81.0.406.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

all the related flags (native notifications etc etc) are all tested and they have no effects.



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@HotCakeX Hello. I wrote to them about it, too. I also created a bill in support and wrote on twitter. I suggest you write there, too. I hope they hear us. because it's a necessary function.

Nice, yes I also wrote on Twitter directly to one of the Edge developer team members, he was surprised because he wasn't aware such functionality even existed in Chrome.

@HotCakeX This feature is also there in the old edge. and what answer did the developer give you? to me they wrote that they are working on it.

That developer guy on Twitter didn't reply back to me

@HotCakeX try to write them again. I did it recently.

Okay i'll send this post using the browser feedback button :)

Good afternoon. I wrote in the technical support of the Chrome browser and received the answer that if the browser window is closed, then there will be no notifications from the sites. And no setup can fix it. It would be great if the browser would be able to send notifications from sites, despite the fact that it is closed.

@Dmstarchikov92 I tried this 2 months ago. installed Twitter as a pwa app in chrome. notifications worked when chrome closed.

@nikitat1260 I completely forgot about this functionality. I'll give it a try.

@Dmstarchikov92 I checked now. I don't have it either, but I believe this problem needs to be solved. I've asked Microsoft several times to add this to the edge.

Hey everyone! This is William from the Microsoft Edge team. @Dmstarchikov92 is correct. Currently, Chromium-based browsers cannot receive notifications while the browser is closed. If you're still seeing notifications when Microsoft Edge or Chrome is closed, it's possible you might still have a PWA open on the taskbar (so the browser process is still running). But we definitely hear your feedback about wanting to receive notifications 24/7.

@William Devereux Hello. I think it's an important function. it also works in the old edge. After installing a new edge through a windows update I stopped receiving notifications from twitter PWA which is downloaded from the microsoft store. and if I save the site as a PWA app I want to be notified when the browser is closed but right now it doesn't work. Please give high priority to this. I think it's helpful to a lot of people.

Working for outlook and twitter and some other apps, while not working for Gmail and some other sites. I even tried using them as apps.

@hussain5416 doesn't work for twitter. I downloaded from the Microsoft store and tried to add the site itself as an app. What's your edge version?

Version 84.0.495.2 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

@hussain5416 I understand correctly you get notifications when the browser is closed?

Well, no, you need atleast one instance of the browser running to get notifications.

I'm not getting gmail notifications even if the browser is open (and yes I've checked the settings in gmail and the gmail notifications settings from the browser)

Notifications should be working even if the browser is closed.
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•Background Push Notifications
Receive push messages in the background when the browser is not running. Requires Windows 10 May 2020 Update or later. I found this in the Canary version of 85.0549.0 and above. can anyone say works this and no?