Edge not opening closed tabs

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I'm facing an issue with Edge not opening (not displaying) my previously opened tabs. 
to explain it better, let's say I'm watching a youtube video and I close it. And I come back after a while and try to open it again; I open edge and press "Ctrl+Shift+T". But nothing appears on the screen. But here's the biggest problem, Edge thinks that it has opened my tab, and starts playing the audio from the previously opened youtube tab, but i can't see that tab on the screen. 

So to confirm this was happening with other tabs, i checked the processes using Shift+Esc, and the tabs do open according to edge, like i can see the process running, but i can't see the actual tab on my screen. 

Previously this used to happen very rarely, so i didn't pay much attention to it. But lately it has been happening pretty much everytime i open edge, and it is really annoying. 


and just to put it out there, i did  find a fix for this. I need to manually close all the edge processes from the main task manager, and then restart edge. Now that does seem to work, but its such  long and tedious process. 


I have checked multiple times, and my laptop and edge itself is updated to the latest version

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