edge not connect in user in linux

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My name is Anna Kamilla. I using manjaro linux 64 bits, on positivo mobile unique n4200. 


My account isn't connect microsoft edge:bugtela2.png 

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i think it's a normal behavior and a prochain update will enable it

@annak1990 Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider's community. @Wittycat is correct!


At this time, sync and its related profile services are not yet implemented on Linux. We encourage you to sign in to a local account, however, you will notice that you will be unable to sync your data from other devices. This will also affect the ability to open protected PDFs.

The team is working hard on bringing this to our Linux version of Microsoft Edge. Keep an eye out here for any updates we have about sync and its related services!


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Sync is now available on Edge Linux starting with Edge Dev version 91.0.831.1

you can sign in with your personal Microsoft account in Edge Linux and access your data.




@HotCakeX Any idea when we can use our Work/School account to sign into Edge on Linux?  Curious why this would be blocked? I can confirm my hotmail (this dates me) works fine but not work/school account.