Edge Mobile (Android) - theme-color


This is a feature suggestion - on Chrome and other browsers on Android, the theme-color meta tag enables the top menu/nav bar to match the website theme as specified in a hex value. In Edge, however, this functionality is not enabled. Enabling this would enhance the visuals of the browser for websites that use these tags.


Example meta code:


<meta name="theme-color" content="#000000"> 


More info:

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@lexcyn thank you for that feedback, I appreciate it. My team was actually just looking at this meta tag for desktop Edge working to figure out exactly how much support it has on desktop and in Chrome. I will make sure to log a bug against Android Edge.



@johnjansen cool, thanks! I'm not sure there is any desktop support for this tag so it would be interesting to experiment with, especially if you could use it with Acrylic effects.