Edge mixed mode iframe with OOPIf

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With the recent Out of Process Iframe changes in the Edge Chromium setup, Is it possible to run is an iframe in mixed mode?  We are migrating toward Angular from a WPF XBap app.  The Angular runs fine in the newer chromium Edge with the new javascript engine and the XBAP runs fine in the chromium edge in IEMode when run independently.  When mixing the two where Angular runs in Edge mode the iframe source is pointed the XBap (attempting to get the iframe to use OOPIF and load the site in IE Mode), I'm running into "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep" which indicates to me it's attempting to load the XBAP in edge mode and ignore the GPs for the site URL.


A quicker way I've found to test is generate a simple HTML page with an iframe pointing at an XBAP and just launch that file in Edge where it starts out in Edge mode.


I see someone else was going down a similar path here:


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