Edge Maximizes partially under the taskbar

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I have my task bar on the ceiling and it is semi transparent (because that's just how I like it). The issue/bug I am experiencing is that when I maximize Edge (Version 84.0.522.59 (Official build) (64-bit)) it does not stop at the taskbar but extends up under it and is partially visible (due to the transparency). Other applications I use do not do this: File Explorer, Flash FXP, Evernote, Word, REAPER, Sketchup... seems like a pretty diverse set that do not function his way, or misfunction as it were. I have found that Brave does as well do this and assume then that Chrome or Chromium might as well, if I cared to install them and find out. I don't and instead bring to you the bug/issue. I would assume that if I have my taskbar on the floor then with Edge maximized the extra bit would be extended beyond the top of my screen and unnoticeable. I also understand hat the transparency was not supplied through Windows itself and as such I'm in no position to complain officially but I thought it might be worth pointing out - FYI. It would be great if it did not act in this way (aesthetically unpleasant), maybe there is a setting buried deep somewhere that I have been unable to find that "ya'll" can point me to?


Screenshot of the issue provided


Update: I ran Chromium 86.0.4236.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit) today and the issue is replicated (originated?) there as well. Posted the bug to Chromium Bugs as well.




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