Edge logs me out of Gmail every time I close the browser

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I have tried posting this on Gmail forums with no success. For the past 10 days or so, Edge logs me out of my 3 Gmail accounts every time I close the browser. It does not save any of their login info. It never did this in the past, and this does not occur with any other site. I have checked the settings multiple times, and Edge IS NOT set to automatically clear cookies from any site, including Gmail. I have tried resetting browser settings and am still experiencing this. 

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear this. It sounds very frustrating. May I know, are you an Edge Insider (Beta, DEV or Canary)? I'm asking because they aren't as stable as the non-insider channels and have more problems. Also, check Google, maybe go to the Security in Gmail/Google. I hope this helps, have a great day! :happyface:



Potentially, this setting in Clear on Exit under the Cookies and Site Data must be doing it. 

Edge Settings for Cookies and Site DataEdge Settings for Cookies and Site Data


Remove the https://[*.]google.com:443 by clicking on the ... on the right side of it.