Edge limit of 5 vertical tabs open at a time

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Seems to be a limit of about 5 open tabs if you open a new one by clicking on a bookmark: an already open tab will close.

but if you click on the + tab button, I can then click on an existing bookmark and no prior tabs will close.

On this win 11 machine, it's not a memory resource issue.

is there a way to increase the default number of allowed open tabs?

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Is there any way for you to record a video of what you're seeing? This doesn't sound like intentional behavior, so it would really help to see exactly what's going on.

@josh_bodner I'll make a video after i get past my tax deadlines


but meanwhile, the workaround for me is to first click on the + sign on the vertical tab, then hit a shortcut or type in a url. That doesn't hit any practical limits.