Edge keeps signing me out

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Since a week or two, Microsoft Edge signs me out of my MS account.


The top left account menu shows orange lettering, and when I click it, it reports that it can't sync because it needs to confirm my identity (first screenshot). I can then click Sign In, and don't need to enter my password or anything, just click Continue (2nd screenshot).


But pretty soon (like the next day, or sometimes even later the same day) the same thing happens again.


It never happened before two weeks ago. I'm not aware of any changes to my system or my account that preceded this issue. It's the same account I've used for years, and the password and 2-factor haven't changed in months.


What could be causing this, and how do I fix it?


ETA: Possibly related, because I noticed it at the same time and it seems to occur at the same moments: Microsoft Security and Defender stop responding. Both still show their icons in the systray, but neither opens when clicked. Only way to get around that is to kill all related process or reboot the system. And Security keeps showing the same notifications I've dismissed over and over again.



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I got exacly same issue. Few times a day, with Edge only, on Windows 10. Tried:
- System reinstall
- disabling windows hello
- re-adding my account
Everything seems to not work. At this point i'm going to switch to different browser. I'm really tired on trying to fix, what other (MS) broken.
Removing all Windows Hello options and then re-adding them helped multipe people, including myself.

@florismkleijne Well, i guess im unlucky. I'm configuring vivaldi now.

Update: The solution was effective for several weeks; however, my Edge browser is now starting logged out again or logging out randomly during work. I hope Microsoft addresses this issue or provides a workaround soon. It's not critical, but it is somewhat irritating.
Try removing all Windows Hello options. Re-add them after you've found that Edge stays signed in.
Same issue. Edge, recently OneNote (store app) – Windows 10

f it. Im switching to firefox

My man.. I have tried Vivaldi, now i'm trying Firefox, while still keeping Brave as plan B (no pun intended). I see a lot of problems with Firefox. I was using it ages ago, but dont remember it had problem with TABS. Every tab open, it is in the first plan, not in the background (PC), on mobile, every link open in new tab. Also videos on Youtube are freezing very often (only sound continue to work). As for Tabs issues, its long standing issue according to bugzilla and forums. I know it will be the only browser not using that V3 manifest, but they really have to fix a lot.
Do you mean to remove "Windows Hello PIN" option? If so then I'd be required to use the usual password, right?
That's it: remove facial recognition and fingerprint if you have configured those, then pin. While those are removed, sign in with your password. But once you've seen that Edge stays signed in, you can re-enable pin (and facial/fingerprint) and the problem should stay away.
it is so annoying ps WILLIAM



I have tried disabling all hello options and now also reinstalled edge. After usage of Vivaldi and firefox i got back to edge, and right after 2 days it started out of nowhere. I guess we are fighting with symptoms, but root of the issue can be fixed only by microsoft.



It's not an Edge related problem, It's a Microsoft account server problem.

I have the same exact issue and it happens randomly in:

-MS Edge

-Office desktop apps




-Microsoft Defender

-Windows 10 Mail App


I have 4 different PCs and it happens on ALL of them. I also know 4 other persons that have the same exact issue.


The only thing in common is that it regards the Microsoft Account.


Take a look at this:

word and outlook keep asking me to sign in - Microsoft Community


It's a Microsoft problem and they refuse to acknowledge it

Yes, it's an MS account issue, an a Microsoft problem, that is obvious. Given that Edge is a Microsoft product, that's kind of a distinction without a difference.

Have you tried removing all Windows Hello signin options? So far, that's the only resolution anyone has found that seems to work and keep working.

Hello not working long term, at least for me.
I have checked windows privacy settings, that apps have access to my account (YES). Then i checked settings at MICROSOFT ACCOUNT, there was some issue, i changed settings to proper, it fixed it. At least thats what i tought. Then trick with hello worked, but since 2 days its back again. I even reinstalled edge (you can now remove it).

BTW that setting in MS Account is in privacy > MS Account and Windows System.

@vlad_8011 I Think at this point  there is no way out to solve this problem.....I don't know if a clean reinstall of Windows 11 would permanently fix the problem (I don't want to do it, so I don't know...Anybody tried that? Did it work?)


I did an in-place reinstall of Windows 11 for an unrelated (Windows Security) issue. The unrelated issue was fixed, the account signout issue seemed fixed, but came back after a little over a week. Removing and recreating Windows Hello options did the trick for me, but perhaps the earlier Windows 11 reinstall did contribute. No way to tell. However, the Windows 11 reinstall was amazingly painless, it kept all my apps and settings intact, so if necessary I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
@Massimetto - No, dont waste your time, i tried reinstall of Windows 10 already. I'm so mad at this, and started to think why i use sync.... mostly for history and first time config (bookmarks), so i can live without that, but this function work on every browser i tried, yet Microsoft seems to be unaware of it.

@vlad_8011 I got so mad about it I uninstalled Edge on all my computers and switched back to Chrome. Guess what, after a week I was signed out from Chrome too :face_with_tears_of_joy: but only once so far

@ser1us that may be question of chromium based browsers then. But with brave, Vivaldi and Firefox everything was working ok for me, however Its really hard to use Firefox with videos freezing up on YouTube (sound continue playing) and tab management.


With Vivaldi there is too much settings even in context menu on mobile, it's not very convenient.


Brave got problems with disqs. 


I really like edge, but I am on the EDGE of my Patience.


I discovered another issue with chromium browsers, that won't allow to cast video to Chromecast with video player Chromecast icons (not casting whole display to Chromecast but only wideo, with forward, reverse, pause options). Browsers are closing down after starting casting. Only option for this was chrome beta.