Edge keeps signing me out

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Since a week or two, Microsoft Edge signs me out of my MS account.


The top left account menu shows orange lettering, and when I click it, it reports that it can't sync because it needs to confirm my identity (first screenshot). I can then click Sign In, and don't need to enter my password or anything, just click Continue (2nd screenshot).


But pretty soon (like the next day, or sometimes even later the same day) the same thing happens again.


It never happened before two weeks ago. I'm not aware of any changes to my system or my account that preceded this issue. It's the same account I've used for years, and the password and 2-factor haven't changed in months.


What could be causing this, and how do I fix it?


ETA: Possibly related, because I noticed it at the same time and it seems to occur at the same moments: Microsoft Security and Defender stop responding. Both still show their icons in the systray, but neither opens when clicked. Only way to get around that is to kill all related process or reboot the system. And Security keeps showing the same notifications I've dismissed over and over again.



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Credentials Manager is a Control Panel item where you can manage stored credentials. Go to the classic Control Panel from the Start Menu, and you'll see it there.
Good to know that the ISO reinstall doesn't fix it, saves me a lot of hassle. Thanks!
You created a new profile with a new email? I guess most people want to use their standard account

@Kabarube I used the original login details.

new profile with same acount.. you have to logoff, then duplicate profil, login to new one and if everithing is ok, delete old lost search/browser history and cookies.
i tried it but it worked only few days..
It works for me permanently. But I also used the above script to remove the account by brute force. I didn't log out anywhere, nor did I manually delete anything.
Now it starts to happen with the new Outlook app too. It just starts to log me out there as well.
I did that as well, a while back. Worked for me permanently... for three or four days. Then the problem came right back. Same with deleting all MS credentials from Credentials Manager.
Yeah, I get the same in Excel and Word, though less frequently than in Edge. Which makes me think that deleting the Edge profile etc. cannot be a permanent fix.
Do we know if anyone from Microsoft is aware of the issue? I am willing to try out the Beta preview channel if there is a fix lurking.
Just did the ISO reinstall as well, to fix a (probably) unrelated issue: Windows Security wouldn't open. So far, Edge/Office/OneDrive/Store are keeping me signed in. So in my case, it may actually be a solution for this issue as well.

@florismkleijne Good luck! For me it didn't solve anything. Now Outlook is getting on my nerves, it signs me out every couple of minutes.


@florismkleijne Just as a heads up. I updated the optional update (yes, the one with the start menu ads) and I had to re-authenticate pretty much everything. But since then it looks good, no more login prompts so far. Fingers crossed :o

What exactly do I need to delete from the Microsoft creditials? There is a lot there.
Do nothing. Clearing out Credentials Manager helped for a few days only. What I did was clear out everything Microsoft, but as I said, that helped for only a little while.

What did help was the ISO-based reinstall of Windows, which seems to have fixed both this problem and the other problem I had (Windows Security wouldn't open). This reinstall is easy and painless, it keeps all your apps and settings intact.
Hi everyone,
I have the same exact problem as well. Luckily, I'm having problems with Edge only, it signs me out like once a day, quite frustrating. I'm not getting into the struggle of reinstalling Windows or stuff like that, I still have nightmares from my last Windows pc. I genuinely believe this is my last Windows pc tbh: this is no UX, it's just a nightmare on all fronts.
I felt the same about the prospect of reinstalling Windows, @dodazzo, but seriously: it was a breeze. Download the ISO, mount the ISO, run Setup, choose to keep files, apps, and settings, and give it half an hour. One hundred percent of my apps had retained their settings. After the reinstall, the system was exactly the same as before, except for the elimination of my problems.

That's not going to happen; the PC cannot be turned off. (iam not an insider)

Does MS know about this issue?


Good question, I don't know whether MS is aware.

The other bad news: my Windows 11 reinstall did resolve the other issue, but signing me out in Edge and Office came back today, after only three days without it.
The in-place reinstall of Windows 11 helped for only a few days. I performed the reinstall on Tuesday; on Friday, this problem came back.

Summarizing the known symptoms so far:

1. Often, usually immediately after starting Windows, or after Sleep mode, my Edge profile gets signed out, as described in the OP.

2. Often, at the same time, Office applications also report a problem with my account: "Your account cannot be opened right now. Sign in again to resolve the issue." (Or some such words; I have the Dutch version of Windows.)

3. Signing back in again NEVER requires my password or MFA, it can be done by clicking two or three times.

4. Signing back in needs to be done in Edge and Office separately; once I've signed back in to one Office app, the problem is fixed for all Office apps.

Rounding up my efforts so far, things that I've tried that didn't resolve the issue include:

1. Edge - Settings - Profiles - Profile settings - Automatic sign-in
Didn't do anything (was already set)

2. Control Panel - Credentials Manager - remove all Microsoft credentials
Helped for only a few days

3. Delete "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data"
Helped for only a few days, caused a lot of hassle

4. Reinstall Windows 11 (in-place, retaining docs, apps & settings)
Helped for only a few days (did resolve the other definitely-not-related issue "Windows Security won't open")