Edge is displaying corrupted visuals

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So, I have a Surface Book 3, with a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. I have had problems with Edge loading corrupted webpages, often text is illegible, covered with rainbow bars (see attached). Sometimes the text is still readable, but most of the time the glitch can cover a whole paragraph. Sometimes simply running my cursor over the glitch can fix it, as can scrolling, but sometimes I need to highlight the text or refresh the page. All of these are just temporary solutions as the glitch will reappear in the same place, or a different one. Sometimes the glitch extends to my bookmarks bar at the top of the screen, usually it goes away when I run my cursor over the buttons. 


Microsoft Edge is the only piece of software where I have this issue, and it doesn't happen when I am connected to a monitor. All my graphics drivers are up to date and I have tried different settings, but it seems to just be an Edge issue. Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone fixed this issue? Do the devs know this is an issue?


Thank you. 

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@Kris_Orion_Shiflet Please reply if you have encountered this issue with the old Edge (if you have used it)
@Kam, I never used the old Edge. Sorry. =(
@Kris_Orion_Shiflet Just to confirm, does this happen on Google Chrome or any other browser that runs Chromium?

@Kam It hasn't happened on Chrome. I have mainly been using Edge, but if I get a corrupted page then I try and open it in Chrome and have yet to have the same issues there.

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@Kris_Orion_Shiflet Then it's an issue of Chromium. If you're using Windows, press Alt+Shift+I to send feedback about this bug so that it will be fixed soon.