Edge iOS URL auto complete

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum.


I wondered if anyone knows if/when the iOS version of Edge will be able to auto complete URL's that are typed into the URL bar?


That is when you start tying a URL like go.. it auto completes to the most frequently used URL that starts with go. In my case that would be google.co.nz.


At the moment, all the iOS version does is list it at the top which means you have to shift your thumb or finger from the keyboard at the bottom up to the top to tap the URL which isn't the best UX

Attached is an example of me typing go in Chrome iOS and Edge iOS


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@lemonadejars I understand what you are saying but isn't this exactly what the shortcuts on the new tab page are for?  Why would you go typing frequently visited sites over and over again.

@Iengelen good point, old habits die hard I guess..


I'm too used to all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave etc) offering auto-complete that I find it quicker partially type the URL


I assume the shortcuts auto populate with your most frequently visited sites? 

@lemonadejars I think so yes.  Many of them I added myself but there's at least 1 in my list that I didn't add manually.

@lemonadejars I'm having the same issue. Hoping this is fixed soon