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Have you considered allowing a combination of 2 search engines to work on a query? I like the idea of an integrated search engine that can search my company locations as well as the Web, but I also know that I tend to get better query results from Google than Bing. If you offered an multiplexed Web query, comprising say 2 search engines (obvious choice: Bing and Google), with the results interleaved (and tagged to their engine, or to internal), then this would be a really interesting solution. Basically - a live side-by-side query on every result. Maybe have a slider to bias how many results to interlace from each browser (e.g. 70% bias to Google, or 90% bias to Bing) depending on your mood? 

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You can do it already in Edge




my default search engine is Bing, you can see the Green mark is showing you that.

the Yellow mark shows that you can switch to Google search engine if you just start typing "G....", yes only the G word, not even the whole search engine name.

the Orange mark shows that I can switch to Google search engine with only pressing the Tab button, while my default engine stays Bing.


so you can change your search engine with only 2 buttons :)



@HotCakeX wrote:

so you can change your search engine with only 2 buttons :)

You seem to have missed the entire point of @ADStokes' request. He's asking for combined results from both Bing and Google, and you're responding with how to switch between the two.


@ADStokes  Even if there are no legal issues involved with MS implementing such a feature, frankly I doubt it'll ever make it into Edge. Instead you can take a look at existing metasearch engines such as Dogpile for example.