Edge Insider won't open after Update, Repair doesn't fix the issue.

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Edge Insider (119.0.2132.0) won't open after Update, Modify Repair doesn't fix the issue, neither does restarting.  Small blue wheel for a brief second then nothing.

No third party security software running, scanning the system comes up clean.

Not sure where to go from here or how to further debug the issue.

I have all my passwords stored in edge and don't want to lose those.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


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@redesigned I'm seeing the same issue. It's very annoying.

I don't know how to debug further. I'm surprised over 82 views so far and not a single suggestion or help. :crying_face: Hoping someone can point me in the right direction or to resources that explain how to debug the issue. :folded_hands::crossed_fingers:

@redesignedI think 119.0.2141.0+has fixed this issue, although the download issue has not been fixed yet, and some new issues have emerged.