Edge insider crashing

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Happens after clicking on the Smiley feedback button. this symptom is quite popular, seen many others posting about the same issue in the forum, now I joined the club too and having this problem.


also when I go to IMDB website from Google search the browser crashes.


there is a long list of crashes being pilled up in here edge://crashes/


Version 80.0.320.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Windows 10 build 19013.1102

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It's weird,
after fresh installing Version 80.0.323.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit), things were all fine, but now it's crashing again!

Hi @HotCakeX, If you can send me a selection of the crash IDs, I will get them to the feedback team so that they can look into the root cause.

Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk 

Thanks for your response,


  • Report ID 39ad0f94-ec34-4825-8095-5fc68a6bf12b (Local ID 1209ec30-1d34-4fb3-9163-267d910d48ba)

  • Report ID dc374193-f6a8-4dd2-9272-7060fdd715eb (Local ID fbddccc6-2a80-4fdc-b39e-ebb600891b25)

  • Report ID ed0286d4-dfcf-44b7-ae1b-c4901dfb1511 (Local ID f5bcfb31-28a5-496d-a497-0991251ed46d)

  • Report ID f095d525-9a2c-478b-a1e7-c8e7afe538f7 (Local ID c48874e9-5f79-47d9-b935-2c2dff26cd7d)

  • Report ID c33c2c33-7999-47b8-8eb3-553fd219104d (Local ID 479b7bc2-ee80-4e66-af75-b3057f457146)


Thank you