Edge insider 79.0.309.0 always opens in a new tab page



Since today's build Edge insider always opens a new tab page as the first open page/tab, even when that's not configured in the startup options.

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Could you also mention which option you've selected for Edge startup?

- "Open a specific page or pages", with two pages defined. It opens, on startup, from left to right, a new tab, first defined page, second defined page.

Hi @dmutsaers, can you plesae verify that you have no other Microsoft Edge windows open?  If you have another Microsoft Edge window open when you select open New Window, it treats it like a New Tab rather than a new instance of the application.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 
Dear Elliot,
Thanks for responding. I verified there are no other edge windows open. It doesn't happen on my other profile, where I configured just one page to open on startup.
The attachments show my settings, and the result when Microsoft Edge opens.

Now it happens when starting my personal profile in Microsoft Edge too, IF I have an open work profile in Microsoft Edge.
If I start my personal profile in Microsoft Edge, without any other Microsoft Edge browser it works as expected.
However, if I start my work profile in Microsoft Edge, the erratic behaviour is exhibited.

I suspect it has something to do with the newly, automatically created "Work" profile in Microsoft Edge, which I renamed "Work (domain)", and my manually created "Work" profile in Microsoft Edge. One profile is using domain\user as account, the other is using the UPN, user@domain.com account. Both are the same account. It's however not possible for me te delete/remove the automatically created profile in Microsoft Edge.

@Elliot Kirk It's even worse since yesterdays build (80.0.318.0), now it even starts the "new tab page" wizard multiple times.

I have the same problem since version 80.0.328.4 and also a problem with synchronization of favorites.