Edge in Linux in May 2020?

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Hello friends.

For my work I am using the Linux Mint distribution (based on Ubuntu) and I would very much like to have Edge Chromium, since I miss a function that has neither firefox nor google chrome, which is that in the videos if there are CC subtitles it will translate them for you automatically to Spanish which is my original language.

Is there a way at present that I can run Edge in linux? For example some Beta, I already tried Wine (linux program that allows to run .exe) and it did not work.

They would help me a lot if that were possible

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@cristobalobos Welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community, and thanks for reaching out. The good news is that Microsoft Edge is planned for Linux! (You can check our Top Feedback posts for updates on the status of that.) We currently don't have a firm timeline to share yet, but we will let you all know as soon as we have news to share.


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@Deleted  Thanks for the reply. There is no other option but to wait, and for now make me a virtual machine to have edge inside linux :( I'll be attentive when the betas start, I wish I could be one of the first to try it from Linux and share comments Thanks and good work.