Edge in IE Mode and Kiosk

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I have read that Edge is getting an Internet Explorer mode to automatically roll intranet sites over into this mode when opened in Edge. I have a few questions or possible suggestions if they are not planned:


1. Will the new Edge work in Kiosk mode as the current Edge does? We rely on this for our current time clock stations as well as some other business applications.

2. Will the IE mode built into Edge automatically run plug-ins like Silverlight? For instance, we have a scale program that relies on Microsoft Silverlight to run. Will Silverlight still be able to run in the IE virtualization inside Edge?

3. In the perfect world where both the above things will be included, will they work at the same time? I would love, in my perfect world, to put this intranet site into a kiosk enabled Edge and have it run. 


Does anyone have any information or ideas about any of the above??

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@Hayden Smith thank you for your feedback.  We are still working to understand the most needed features and so I have ensured that your feedback gets to the right teams.

I appreciate it Elliot! I'm sure there is a lot of things in development and under review. I am glad the team is listening and trying to do as much as possible!

@Elliot Kirk 


Adding support for Silverlight in the IE Mode in the Edge browser.


I have invested lots of time in the LoB Silverlight application and while planning to rewrite it in html5, it will be nice to not be bound by using IE 11.

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@Hayden Smith I can answer the IE mode question. Internet Explorer mode basically hosts IE inside of Microsoft Edge, so Silverlight, Java, Flash, and other ActiveX controls work. If you've installed Silverlight into IE11, then Silverlight content will run automatically in IE mode. Ditto for other ActiveX controls like JRE. This is what you'd expect, yes? 

@Fred Pullen Will IE Compatibility View (which makes IE 11 compatible to IE 6) also be supported? Some legacy Web Sites may use this (old) technology.

Yes, that is exactly what I was expecting. Thank you for confirming this!

Because this thread was already made, I will use this one rather than make a new one. This question is for microsoft developers, what will happen to standalone IE when the new edge with IE mode gets released? Are you going to remove standalone IE entirely or just keep the executable only and have it redirect to edge in IE mode like how starting with internet explorer 10 using 32 bit on a 64 bit OS would just redirect to the 64 bit version of internet explorer.

@Fred Pullen since IE Mode will be hosted inside Edge, will it have the same security features as edge or will it be subject to IE security standards?

@DechengFan It turns out that the best compatibility for IE11 is provided by running IE11. :) So IE mode is effectively hosting IE11, which means support for all document modes--including Enterprise Mode. 

@j_3-f_f  IE mode is effectively running IE11 hosted by Microsoft Edge, so expect IE mode to behave just like IE11 from a compatibility, management, and security standpoint. The biggest benefit is in providing users with a seamless browser experience. 

@Fred Pullen Thanks for answering my questions.

@Hayden Smith Kiosk mode is also on the top of my list. I hope this feature is not forgotten.

@Fred Pullen When the IE mode is available in Edge, will I be able to debug the IE11 site in Edge just like in IE11 or the developer tools will not be available?



You may want to start a new thread for that. That way they can see this as a whole new suggestion instead of it getting lost in a Kiosk mode thread. Good luck!

@Hayden Smith I also would like to know if kiosk mode support is planned. Also, what happens to the current version of Edge when this new version is released? Will this new Edge be bundled with Windows in the future?

@BenZell I made sure to stop by the Edge booth at Microsoft Ignite and ask them point blank if Edge was coming to Kiosk mode. They said they are working on it. There was some problems with getting Win32 into the Kiosk system at the moment but they plan on trying to get it there. I do not remember them saying anything about an estimated release date for it though and we all know what could happen to that. I still plan on pinging them once in a while to check in on it.


As far as bundled with Windows, I'm not sure. I believe I heard something about it being that way one day but I can not confirm that. I'm hoping it does as well. I don't want to have to support pushing it to every computer.

@Hayden Smith Thank for the info. I'm interested in how they're going to handle this transition. There will be two Edges for a period of time and people are going to be confused inevitably.

@BenZell I agree that it will be confusing to users. I have already rolled out the Enterprise Edge Beta to a few users to ensure that everything is working smoothly. You could do that so you can work out some bugs before the big drop. We've already found some small issues that we have worked around!


On a side note, the new Edge does an amazing job of dropping you right where you left off on your previous browser. I installed the new Edge on one of our conference room computers that I was doing other things on. When I opened the new Edge, even all of the tabs I had open on the old Edge came over. That gave me a lot of comfort! I think I'll be able to tell some of my users to just use the new E logo and most everything will just work for them.