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Due to the recent change of LastPass I believe that many users should look for options. I believe that Edge could have an option to import .csv directly into it, in my case I needed to use Microsoft Authenticator or the Password Extension for Google Chrome, but the Password Extension for Google Chrome option is taking too long to show at Edge browser password




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Yes, I did that I left the extension installed for 4 hours, however it did not synchronize, when I did it by cell phone through Microsoft authenticator, the passwords were importe
I don't like the installed extension because it does not allow the use of the saved credit card.

As I already use the edge, there is no point in using the extension, it would be nice to have this standard in edge import csv.

Yes for sure,
if you haven't already, please submit your suggestion using the feedback button on Edge too :)

@HotCakeX Yes, I already did, if you can do it too.