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Please tell me if the following two sites say the same thing. I know the outline of each site, but I feel that the content described on each site has the same purpose. For example, wouldn't I get the same result if I did what was described on each site?

Thank you.

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Hi @Kenjiro1400,


I think the primary document you should read is Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs. The first URL (Internet Explorer (IE) mode troubleshooting and FAQ | Microsoft Docs) would be useful if you need to troubleshoot any problems encountered during the setup, or want to read the FAQ first.


If you are not familiar with IE mode you may want to read What is Internet Explorer mode? | Microsoft Docs before configuration.



Hello KenChong,
Thank you for your quick reply and informtion. I apologize for the delay in replying from me. What I would like to confirm is that the results of implementing the contents of the following two sites will be the same. Is that correct?

Hi @Kenjiro1400 


The simple answer is yes.


The two links have different purposes, but in case they refer to the same function the result should be the same. However as I mentioned before you should refer to the second link (Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs) first to prevent confusion.


If in case you found anything strange, such as different implementation results occurred like you mentioned, you can always report to or ask the doc team by clicking the "Submit and view feedback for: This Page" button at the end of the page, as shown in the screenshot below. You will need a GitHub account to do this.