Edge: How to troubleshoot resource usage (and improve it)

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(Version 96.0.1054.53 (Official build) (x86_64))
(I am on a Mac (11.6) with 16GB  and an i5 from 2019)

My problem is that using Edge even for a little while spins up the fans
and keeps it running. 

Via macOS Activity Monitor I can see that Edge us using 101% CPU time
500MB real, 6GB virtual.

I head over to Edge and open the Task Manager.
It shows a list of open tabs and extensions.

The "browser" entry at the very top of the list is at about 120%,
the rest of list, is about 0%

I am trying to understand why the browser needs all these resources. 
I was hoping Task Manager would show a useful breakdown but 
it does not. 

What is my next step in trying to understand the resource usage?

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