Edge home and work same version but different Microsoft News feed

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I have a mystery to solve.

I have the exact same version of Edge Canary at HOME and at the OFFICE.


Both are different at the home page with My Feeds and Personalize and I don't get it !


Here are both screenshots showing one have way more options even at the end have 3 switch option and the other doesn't have.  At the office I don't have Microsoft or Science or News and many other but at home there's a lot more and I really don't understand why both are different that way.


Both Edge Canary are Version 84.0.486.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Both system are Canada English



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Ok now I understand.  I had to have the same Language in Page Setting via the COG at the upper right corner.  I did set it to United State (English) and now I have all the goodies that HOME have.


One last thing.  Now everything seems all right except that at home I have the feed Microsoft but at the office I don't have it.  Another small mystery to solve

LOL this mystery was solved too.  It's not in the list but you have to search for it in the search box